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Reykjavík’s flags at half-mast

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I was glad to be able to attend Orri Vigfusson’s funeral on behalf of ASF. It was the most  beautiful and moving service I have ever attended. The cathedral was overflowing, Iceland’s Prime Minister and salmon friends from all over the world were in attendance and Reykjavik’s flags were at half mast.  I personally passed on condolences on behalf of ASF to Orri’s wife Unnur, son Vivi and daughter Hulda.

Here is an article that appeared yesterday in The Press and Journal in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Bill Taylor
President & CEO, Atlantic Salmon Federation


The sad passing of our founder and chairman, Orri Vigfússon

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The North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) announces with great sadness, the passing of our founder and Chairman Mr. Orri Vigfússon.

Mr Vigfússon succumbed to lung cancer at Iceland’s national hospital in Reykjavík yesterday, July 1st 2017, only nine days short of his 75th birthday. Mr. Vigfússon has for 27 years, tirelessly fought for the survival and restoration of the wild Atlantic salmon through the North Atlantic Salmon Fund earning him the admiration and respect of environmentalists all over the world. He was recognised internationally for his vital conservation work and was awarded with numerous distinguished awards. He is survived by his wife Unnur Kristinsdóttir, 2 children and 3 granddaughters.

The funeral service will be held in Reykjavík at Hallgrímskirkja, July 10th at 13:00.


In appreciation














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I heard from Orri Vigfusson’s assistant on Sunday morning that Orri passed on Saturday, July 1st. Orri of course, …

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