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Reykjavík’s flags at half-mast

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I was glad to be able to attend Orri Vigfusson’s funeral on behalf of ASF. It was the most  beautiful and moving service I have ever attended. The cathedral was overflowing, Iceland’s Prime Minister and salmon friends from all over the world were in attendance and Reykjavik’s flags were at half mast.  I personally passed on condolences on behalf of ASF to Orri’s wife Unnur, son Vivi and daughter Hulda.

Here is an article that appeared yesterday in The Press and Journal in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Bill Taylor
President & CEO, Atlantic Salmon Federation


IGFA Recognise Orri’s Commitment to Conservation

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There are presently 110 inductees in the International Game Fish Association’s Hall of Fame, including angling luminaries such as Charles Ritz, Ernest Hemingway, Zane Grey, Gary Loomis and Lee and Joan Wulff. On September 13, four more people from the game fishing world will be joining this select fraternity in the 2016 awards, one of whom is Orri Vigfusson of the the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF).

As NASF’s founder and chairman, Orri is being recognised yet again for his outstanding contribution to Atlantic salmon conservation and already holds the IGFA’s Conservation Award (2005) and The Coldwater Conservation Award (2003). At the 18th annual ceremony he will be in the company of Tim Choate (billfish conservation), Jerry and Deborah Dunaway (big game fishing), Chico Fernandez (saltwater fly-fishing) and Dr John E. Graves (marine conservation).

Orri began his conservation efforts 25 years ago …

Joint Statement From Iceland And Faroe Islands

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Reykjavik February 6, 2014: –   The fishermen of the Faroe Islands have joined the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF)  in condemning the Scottish and Norwegian governments for continuing to encourage the commercial exploitation of scarce wild salmon stocks.

The decision to highlight the refusal of the two countries to follow international scientific advice to protect Atlantic salmon stocks was taken at a meeting in Iceland of the Faroe Salmon Fishing Vessel Owner´s Association (Laksaskip) and NASF.

Most of the remaining stocks of wild salmon from European rivers migrate to the seas off the Faroes to feed and grow and the two organisations meet annually to review the state of the stocks. The maturing salmon are at their most vulnerable to commercial exploitation while they mass on their feeding grounds in northern waters.

For 23 years  the commercial salmon fishery off the Faroes has been …

Knighthood for NASF Director

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Marc-Adrien Marcellier, the French director of the North Atlantic Salmon Fund, has been created a Knight of The National Order of Merit in recognition of more than 27 years of service to the French Nation in salmon and fishery causes.

Marc-Adrien has been one of NASF’s leading personalities in Europe for the last 20 years and is particularly active in salmon restoration projects in key areas in France. He has worked with Orri Vigfússon, Chairman of NASF in negotiations in Greenland and the Faroe Islands. He works on many projects with the French authorities and he is also a board member of the Association Internationale de Défense du Saumon Atlantique (AIDSA). His special expertise covers the management and stock assessment of wild salmon and eels in Europe.
M. Marcellier has been NASF’s key negotiator in Bay of Biscay issues and in the …

Reviving A Salmon River In Downeast Maine

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Once upon a time the United States could boast of having rivers from the Canadian border all the way down to Long Island Sound with abundant runs of Atlantic salmon.  In 2010 the total run of  U.S.salmon, to but a handful of those rivers, was a mere 1,650 fish, less than 1% of the historic run..

The situation improved slightly in 2011, as was the case on most salmon waters throughout the North Atlantic region, but still the situation remains dire. The only significant run of salmon is on the Penobscot River, Maine, and that run averages 1,500 fish each year. There are some small rivers in the northernmost region of the state, Downeast Maine, that still have a few returning salmon to spawn. Their numbers are very small and below sustainability.

All that could soon change as NASF is proud to …

NASF coverage in the Financial Times

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The NASF were recently featured in the Financial Time, read the full articles here & here:

One dam thing after another! Iceland Government suspends plans for three big dams following a successful salmon protection campaign

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The Icelandic Government has accepted NASF‘s objections to a new hydro-electric generating scheme on Iceland‘s biggest river and suspended the plans to build three dams to power generation plants.  NASF had urged the government to adopt a precautionary approach to proposals by Landsvirkjun, Iceland‘s biggest power company, to harness power from the river Thjorsá.  A proposal to this effect will now be presented to the Icelandic Parliament.

The Thjórsá, the country‘s biggest river system, originates in the mighty Hofsjökull glacier in the middle of Iceland. It hosts Iceland´s biggest sustainable wild salmon stock and also holds brown trout, sea trout and some char. Nearly 90% of the natural fish habitat in the river lies above the Urridafoss waterfall and revolutionary changes were proposed to the flow of the river. NASF warned the government that this would create huge losses of habitat …

NASF conservation deal ends 2000 years of salmon tradition

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For 2000 years the fishermen of Mudeford in Dorset are believed to have followed an unbroken tradition of organised fishing to catch the big salmon and sea trout returning  to the Hampshire Avon and the Dorset Stour from their sea migration.  Thirty years ago the once-prolific runs began to decline. Now, after 20 years of failed efforts to help nature restore the salmon numbers,  the remaining professional salmon fishermen have decided to hang up their nets.

For the last two decades the few salmon that still make it back to the two rivers have enjoyed complete protection. The rod fishermen and the commercial boatmen have carefully returned every salmon they caught in the hope that natural spawning and concerted efforts to improve the habitats would rebuild the runs. But the future of the salmon populations of both rivers remains officially designated …

NASF salmon conservation auction in Norway raises a record £90,000!

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NASF/Reddvillaksen.no had its annual auction to raise money for wild salmon conservation last Thursday in Oslo (27th Oct). The auction raised a fantastic 800,000 NOK to the foundation, which is a new record!

On offer were many great fishing trips at home and abroad as well as some quality fishing tackle. The most desirable item was a two day salmon fishing adventure on the Alta which, after a hard “battle”, was sold for NOK 170,000 to a British fisherman!

The Board members of Reddvillaksen.no give up their time freely (over 1,000 hours annually) to save wild salmon, and are very pleased and grateful to all donors and supporters who made such generous donations and bids. Without the contributions of these kindred spirits there would be no auction and salmon would indeed be in even greater peril.

Money raised will also help launch a …

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