Faroese Extend Agreement

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Faroese Extend Agreement

Extended agreement is cruicial to protect wild Atlantic salmon

A night at the opera in Iceland was the prelude to the leaders of the former salmon fishermen of the Faroe Islands signing yet another year’s extension to their agreement with the North Atlantic Salmon Fund. The deal will keep most of Europe’s Atlantic salmon safe from commercial exploitation while they feed and grow in the rich waters of the Faroes, the main feeding grounds of the salmon in the far north.

Poul Martin B. Rasmussen and Niels Jacob Th.Nielson, the representatives  of  Laksaskip (the organisation of the Faroese Long Liners) were the guests of NASF’s opera-loving NASF Chairman Orri Vigfusson, pictured above (centre, photo Lárus Karl) at the premier of Don Giovanni.

The long-lasting deal compensates the fishermen for giving up salmon fishing. It was first signed in 1991 and has to be adjusted annually. Said Mr Vigfusson: “Unlike Mozart’s faithless anti-hero in his version of the Don Juan story, the fishermen have faithfully stuck to their promise. Their protection is a very important part of our work to ensure that the Atlantic salmon don’t go to hell like the faithless Don Giovanni.

“We believe that paying commercial fishermen to stop salmon fishing is the fair and simple way of halting the huge and senseless decline that netting has caused to salmon stocks. So we are continually faced with the need for money.

Unfortunately, ever since 1994, Scotland and Norway, for example, have preferred to spend their public  money on looking for more and more scientific data, meanwhile their salmon that survive to spawn are down by 80% to 90%.

“I would ask all our supporters to dig deep into their pockets and to try to find ways of helping our fund-raising efforts. Please contact me at nasf@nasf.is or orri@icy.is and tell us what kind of support you can offer.”

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