Avon Anglers See Results

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Avon Anglers See Results

Voluntary Buyouts Begin to Pay Off in Southern England

Over recent years NASF, together with its conservation partnerships, have agreed voluntary buyouts with netsmen intercepting salmon from the Exe, Dart and Hampshire Avon. These vital conservation measures are now beginning to pay off as 2015 reports suggest that catches of Atlantic salmon in the Avon were the best they had been for the past 20–30 years. it is hoped that the Exe and Dart will demonstrate similar returns in the near future.

The Hampshire Avon is a primarily a spring river which opens on the 1st of February and closes on the 31st August. Somerley, near Ringwood, reported over 50 salmon by the end of May 2015, 30 of which were landed during the fly only period prior to 15th May, with several fish close to 20lbs. The quality of its fishing is not only reflected in the number of fish and size of the catches but also by a good flow of water, clean gravel and relatively weed free river bed.

The Avon rises from the chalk springs of Salisbury Plain, collecting water from the Rivers Till, Wylye and the green sand catchment of the River Nadder at Salisbury. The chalk waters of the River Bourne and the Ebble also converge within a short distance as it continues its journey south and the peaty water of the New Forest before reaching the English Channel through Christchurch Harbour.

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