An important message to NASF Conservation Partners

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An important message to NASF Conservation Partners

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

After campaigning for the survival of the wild Atlantic Salmon for 28 years, it is time to pause and revise our priorities for the future work of NASF. As founding chairman, I now wish to reduce some of my workload, encourage new leadership, and attract new young blood to join us.

As part of this process, we are seeking the advice of all those who worked with us in the past. You are receiving this letter because of your demonstrated commitment to the cause and due to your close relationship to NASF.

There are several NASF chapters and committees throughout the world, and to date the NASF teams have all worked as volunteers. This may need to change. Even the most ardent conservationist needs to provide for his or her family. In the past, volunteers have provided a lot of important elements to the NASF success story. Creative writers, strategists, lawyers, fishery consultants, biologists, bankers, and brilliant business people have all been the backbone of our organization. NASF has operated in many regions and has developed support and partnerships with local interest groups wherever possible.

Together we’ve had great successes. Much of the Atlantic region, up to 85% of the original 1985 fishery, is now covered by Conservation Agreements. However, the fight for the salmon’s survival is far from over.

NASF’s priorities remain:

  • Ending all interceptory mixed-stock salmon fisheries by means of  fair compensation agreements.
  • Promoting green, sustainable fish farming practices. Land-based or closed containment sites are the future for the industry.
  • Protecting and reclaiming the salmon’s natural habitat within rivers.
  • Introducing new effective, disciplined, and proficient ways to safeguard the recovery of salmon.

The survival of Salmo Salar is important to you and us, and we would like to hear from all of you.  Please tell us what you feel we should be doing. Any suggestions for future fundraising opportunities and schemes will also be highly appreciated. Do point out anything we have overlooked and advise us on what we can do together in the years to come to advance the ongoing saga of NASF.

The NASF founding members in Iceland have asked our partners at Grassy Creek Foundation in New York to lead this succession planning effort. We understand it will take several weeks, but we know that together we will succeed in developing a creative way forward. Please respond by June 9th, so that we can reply to you by July with a second letter in this process.


Orri Vigfússon

Please respond to me, as well as to:
Kateryna Rakowsky,

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