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The sad passing of our founder and chairman, Orri Vigfússon

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The North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) announces with great sadness, the passing of our founder and Chairman Mr. Orri Vigfússon.

Mr Vigfússon succumbed to lung cancer at Iceland’s national hospital in Reykjavík yesterday, July 1st 2017, only nine days short of his 75th birthday. Mr. Vigfússon has for 27 years, tirelessly fought for the survival and restoration of the wild Atlantic salmon through the North Atlantic Salmon Fund earning him the admiration and respect of environmentalists all over the world. He was recognised internationally for his vital conservation work and was awarded with numerous distinguished awards. He is survived by his wife Unnur Kristinsdóttir, 2 children and 3 granddaughters.

The funeral service will be held in Reykjavík at Hallgrímskirkja, July 10th at 13:00.


In appreciation

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I heard from Orri Vigfusson’s assistant on Sunday morning that Orri passed on Saturday, July 1st. Orri of course, …

An important message to NASF Conservation Partners

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

After campaigning for the survival of the wild Atlantic Salmon for 28 years, it is time to pause and revise our priorities for the future work of NASF. As founding chairman, I now wish to reduce some of my workload, encourage new leadership, and attract new young blood to join us.

As part of this process, we are seeking the advice of all those who worked with us in the past. You are receiving this letter because of your demonstrated commitment to the cause and due to your close relationship to NASF.

There are several NASF chapters and committees throughout the world, and to date the NASF teams have all worked as volunteers. This may need to change. Even the most ardent conservationist needs to provide for his or her family. In the past, volunteers have provided a lot …

Two Salmon Giants: Russia and Iceland is where wild salmon stocks are still in the best condition.

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Ilya Serbovich of the Russia Salmon Association and Orri Vigfusson, Chairman of NASF, met in Reykjavik in May to review the world salmon situation in particularly the interceptory mixed stock fisheries.

Russia and Iceland are joining forces to help bring the an end to the remaining commercial netting, particularly in Northern Norway and along the east coast of England and Scotland.


Photograph: Ilya Serbovich of the Russia Salmon Association and Orri Vigfusson standing outside the Icelandic Parliament, May 2017.

No More Open Sea Fish Farms

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No more growth until problems are solved says CEO of Norsk Industri

A stop to all further open-sea salmon farming in Norway has been announced. This is a very important step towards the protection of wild Atlantic salmon stocks, many of which are under threat from a variety of dangers.

The North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF), Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF), NASF (Norway), Norske Lakseelver, Norges Jeger & Fiskerforbund (NJFF), and other conservation organisations have campaigned for years against the damage to wild salmon stocks caused by the farms. Representatives of the groups were given the good news in Norway at the 10th annual Hardangerfjord seminar on fish farming.

The news of the halt in the expansion of the industry was announced by Mr. Stein Lier-Hansen, CEO of Norsk Industri. His organisation, which includes the main salmon farming interests and Norway’s biggest grouping of …

Salmon in the Arctic

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North Atlantic commercial fishermen meet annually to discuss the status of wild salmon and Arctic conditions. The biology is considered as well as the socio-economics related to salmon fishing communities. This year’s meeting, held in Reykjavik, was attended by representatives of the Faroese long-liners and the North Atlantic Salmon Fund.


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William J. Young III (1935 – 2016)

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The  news has reached us of the passing of Bill Young, a friend of NASF and a regular visitor to the Laxa i Adaldal here in Iceland. He will be greatly missed.

William J. Young III died on 20 October 2016 after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

Bill, or Youngie to his countless friends, lived a long, fruitful and full life which included time as an officer in the US Marine Corps, the founder of a successful advertising agency, and of course a great supporter of salmon conservation on both sides of the Atlantic.

For great number of years we met every summer on the banks of Laxá in Adaldalur.  He was usually guided  by his closest friend Peter Steingrímsson,  a veteran Icelandic flydresser who named a glorious and successful salmon fly after Bill. The Bill Young fly was almost always …

Bruce Sandison (1938 – 2016)

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An rud bhios na do bhroin, cha bhi e na do thiomhnadh
“That which you have wasted will not be there for future generations”
The Salmon Farm Monitor

The death of Bruce Sandison has robbed the wild salmon of Scotland of one of their most fierce defenders. More than anyone else, Bruce opened our eyes to the perils produced by salmon farming. I remember meeting him in Scotland in the early 1990s and being inspired by the way he had foreseen the destruction that salmon farming was doing to a great many rivers on the west coast of Scotland.

His pioneering foresight aroused the determination of numerous individuals and groups to join and lead a worldwide campaign to make governments realise they should adopt and enforce a green and sustainable fish farming policy. This was a battle to change …

IGFA Recognise Orri’s Commitment to Conservation

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There are presently 110 inductees in the International Game Fish Association’s Hall of Fame, including angling luminaries such as Charles Ritz, Ernest Hemingway, Zane Grey, Gary Loomis and Lee and Joan Wulff. On September 13, four more people from the game fishing world will be joining this select fraternity in the 2016 awards, one of whom is Orri Vigfusson of the the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF).

As NASF’s founder and chairman, Orri is being recognised yet again for his outstanding contribution to Atlantic salmon conservation and already holds the IGFA’s Conservation Award (2005) and The Coldwater Conservation Award (2003). At the 18th annual ceremony he will be in the company of Tim Choate (billfish conservation), Jerry and Deborah Dunaway (big game fishing), Chico Fernandez (saltwater fly-fishing) and Dr John E. Graves (marine conservation).

Orri began his conservation efforts 25 years ago …

Faroese Extend Agreement

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Extended agreement is cruicial to protect wild Atlantic salmon

A night at the opera in Iceland was the prelude to the leaders of the former salmon fishermen of the Faroe Islands signing yet another year’s extension to their agreement with the North Atlantic Salmon Fund. The deal will keep most of Europe’s Atlantic salmon safe from commercial exploitation while they feed and grow in the rich waters of the Faroes, the main feeding grounds of the salmon in the far north.

Poul Martin B. Rasmussen and Niels Jacob Th.Nielson, the representatives  of  Laksaskip (the organisation of the Faroese Long Liners) were the guests of NASF’s opera-loving NASF Chairman Orri Vigfusson, pictured above (centre, photo Lárus Karl) at the premier of Don Giovanni.

The long-lasting deal compensates the fishermen for giving up salmon fishing. It was first signed in 1991 and has to be …

River Dart Nets Buyout

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New efforts to restore a famous river in Devon, UK.

A major effort to rescue the endangered salmon stocks of one of England’s best known rivers was announced today. Devon’s River Dart was once a  major UK salmon river, but so few fish have returned from their oceanic migrations in recent years that there were fears for the long term future of the stock.

Now the last of the commercial salmon fishermen who for centuries have used nets to harvest the returning fish have agreed to give up fishing for salmon. They accepted compensation for their loss of income.

The money, raised by angling interests on the Dart, has been paid by the Migratory Salmon Foundation (UK charity no. 1068311). The foundation is a partner of the international salmon conservation body, the North Atlantic Salmon Fund. NASF was able to support the agreement …

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