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William J. Young III (1935 – 2016)

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The  news has reached us of the passing of Bill Young, a friend of NASF and a regular visitor to the Laxa i Adaldal here in Iceland. He will be greatly missed.

William J. Young III died on 20 October 2016 after a long and courageous battle with cancer.

Bill, or Youngie to his countless friends, lived a long, fruitful and full life which included time as an officer in the US Marine Corps, the founder of a successful advertising agency, and of course a great supporter of salmon conservation on both sides of the Atlantic.

For great number of years we met every summer on the banks of Laxá in Adaldalur.  He was usually guided  by his closest friend Peter Steingrímsson,  a veteran Icelandic flydresser who named a glorious and successful salmon fly after Bill. The Bill Young fly was almost always …

Bruce Sandison (1938 – 2016)

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An rud bhios na do bhroin, cha bhi e na do thiomhnadh
“That which you have wasted will not be there for future generations”
The Salmon Farm Monitor

The death of Bruce Sandison has robbed the wild salmon of Scotland of one of their most fierce defenders. More than anyone else, Bruce opened our eyes to the perils produced by salmon farming. I remember meeting him in Scotland in the early 1990s and being inspired by the way he had foreseen the destruction that salmon farming was doing to a great many rivers on the west coast of Scotland.

His pioneering foresight aroused the determination of numerous individuals and groups to join and lead a worldwide campaign to make governments realise they should adopt and enforce a green and sustainable fish farming policy. This was a battle to change …

NASF Norway Auction no 12

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to be held at Grev Wedels plass 9, Oslo on 27th October 2016 17:30 – 21:30 CE

View the catalogue here: nasf-norway-auction-catalogue-2016

Direct on web starting at 18.00:

IGFA Recognise Orri’s Commitment to Conservation

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There are presently 110 inductees in the International Game Fish Association’s Hall of Fame, including angling luminaries such as Charles Ritz, Ernest Hemingway, Zane Grey, Gary Loomis and Lee and Joan Wulff. On September 13, four more people from the game fishing world will be joining this select fraternity in the 2016 awards, one of whom is Orri Vigfusson of the the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF).

As NASF’s founder and chairman, Orri is being recognised yet again for his outstanding contribution to Atlantic salmon conservation and already holds the IGFA’s Conservation Award (2005) and The Coldwater Conservation Award (2003). At the 18th annual ceremony he will be in the company of Tim Choate (billfish conservation), Jerry and Deborah Dunaway (big game fishing), Chico Fernandez (saltwater fly-fishing) and Dr John E. Graves (marine conservation).

Orri began his conservation efforts 25 years ago …

Iceland Opens for Business

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Last weekend two rivers opened for salmon fishing in Iceland: the Nordura in the southwest and the Blanda in the northwest.

In it’s first two days the Nordura yielded between 50 and 60 salmon to it’s 8 rods.

Similarly the Blanda, although fishing just 4 rods, is known to have produced 50 salmon before the close of the opening day on Sunday.

There looks like some great early runs and salmon have been spotted a considerable distance up many rivers already. Most rivers do not open up until between 15th–25th June but sightings of numerous salmon have been reported in many places. First indications suggest that the condition and size of the salmon is also very good.

Avon Anglers See Results

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Voluntary Buyouts Begin to Pay Off in Southern England

Over recent years NASF, together with its conservation partnerships, have agreed voluntary buyouts with netsmen intercepting salmon from the Exe, Dart and Hampshire Avon. These vital conservation measures are now beginning to pay off as 2015 reports suggest that catches of Atlantic salmon in the Avon were the best they had been for the past 20–30 years. it is hoped that the Exe and Dart will demonstrate similar returns in the near future.

The Hampshire Avon is a primarily a spring river which opens on the 1st of February and closes on the 31st August. Somerley, near Ringwood, reported over 50 salmon by the end of May 2015, 30 of which were landed during the fly only period prior to 15th May, with several fish close to 20lbs. The quality of its fishing …

Atlantic Salmon Fly International Expo

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Atlantic Salmon Fly International Expo

The Pavilion Event Center, Renton, WA, USA
3, 4 & 5 June 2016

This is an International exhibition celebrating the art and passion of the Atlantic Salmon Fly.  Over 70 world-class tyers representing 17+ countries are coming to Renton, WA for three days to share their experience, passion, artistry, creativity, and fly-tying tips & techniques with the public.

This event presents a rare & unparalleled opportunity for the beginner to expert fly-tyer to meet the individuals featured in books and learn about this classic art-form from some of the most renowned tyers alive today.  It is truly a unique, one-time opportunity you do not want to miss! Nobody would tie these flies were it not for zealous salmon fly tyers sharing their knowledge face-to-face over the eras. The robust tradition grows as we continue to make new friends and …

Damming the Thjórsá

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In the last few years we have been fighting a tough battle with the Icelandic Government who wants to build three dams (Hvammur, Holta & Urridafoss) on the mighty Thjórsá river, which hosts the largest, wild sustainable stock of Atlantic salmon found in any river in Iceland.

Initially the Government and Landsvirkjun (National Power Company) commissioned the Freshwater Institute to compile some data and called it an environmental assessment. Our experts have scrutinized this data and found serious flaws, omissions and wrongdoings. The projects would ruin fish stocks in this river system; sea-trout would be totally eliminated; and salmon stocks would be damaged …

Financial Statement

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NASF Fundraising Activities

The NASF coalition is not a membership organisation but relies on voluntary donations globally and principally from the private sector. Coalition partners have their own boards and management structures. NASF International, based in Iceland is the founding organization. From 1991 to 2014 it raised more than US$17 million, the majority of which has been applied to high seas salmon quotas. NASF (US) has raised US$ 5,3 million and NASF (Norway) NOK 8 million. The Migratory Salmon Foundation, a charity in the UK has raised funds principally for the buyout of the North East drift nets as well as coastal nets along the UK coastline.

Below is an accumulated statement of operations for the years 1991–2014. Individual NASF financial statements are audited by KPMG Iceland. The statement is based upon historical ISK (local currency) amounts converted to USD at applicable …

NASF Salmon Dinner

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Fundraising Dinner


27 September 2016


Shampers Wine Bar & Restaurant

4 Kingly Street, Soho W1B 5PE

By the kind invitation of proprietor, Simon Pearson

Book through

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