Orri Vigfússon’s Awards and Honours

Orri Vigfússon’s Awards and Honours

Awards & Honours 1992–2016

  • 2016 International Game Fish Association’s Hall of Fame
  • 2014 Gold Award, Association of Icelandic River Owners
  • 2013 Heritage Award, The American Museum of Fly Fishers
  • 2012 Knight Order from the Government of France
  • 2007 Goldman Environmental Award
  • 2006 The Economist Leading Social Entrepreneurs List
  • 2005 Ashoka Senior Fellowship Appointment
  • 2004 Time Magazine European Hero
  • 2004 Theodor Gordon Flyfishers Ed Zern Salmon Award GF
  • 2003 Coldwater Conservation Award, North America
  • Honorary Goodwill Salmon Ambassador for Denmark
  • Enviro-Capitalist Award: Political Economy Research Center, USA
  • VISA Cultural Award for Nature Conservation
  • Knight Order from the President of Iceland
  • Knight Order from HM The Queen of Denmark
  • Gold Award: The Reykjavík Angling Club, Iceland
  • Akademia Café Opera Award
  • HRH the Prince of Wales Conservation Award
  • Lee Wulff Conservation Award: Atlantic Salmon Federation, USA
  • Chuck Yeager Award: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, USA

Honorary Positions

  • Chairman & Founder, North Atlantic Salmon Fund (International).
  • Director, Atlantic Salmon Federation (US).
  • Director, North Atlantic Salmon Fund (US).
  • Life Member, The American Museum of Fly Fishing.
  • Honorary Life Member, The Flyfishers’ Club, London.
  • Honorary Life Member, Anglers’ Club of New York.
  • Honorary President, Icelandic Angling Club, London.
  • Vice President, NASF (UK).
  • Honorary Life Member, Llandysul Angling Association, Wales.
  • Patron, South West Rivers Association, UK.
  • President, NASF Northern Ireland.
  • Member, European Salmon Restoration Team.




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